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WEOM 103.1 FM


The Triad Miracle Station

24 Hr. Christian Programming

"If you want something in life, you've got to constantly pursue it." These are wise words from a man who literally practices what he preaches.

Since 1988, Pastor Earl Harrison has dreamed of having his own gospel radio station and finally his dream has become a reality.


Sixteen years ago, Earl Harrison went down to a Christian radio station to make a love offering to a man who had been broadcasting on the air.

"My oldest son grabbed the mike and started mumbling into it. The guy told me to go ahead and let him because he was just a baby. Then he gave me the opportunity to speak."

Volunteer for Christian Radio Stations

After that, Harrison volunteered at the station doing a Christain talk show and learning how things worked at the Station. He was a volunteer there for five years and then went out seeking to buy a station of his or get involved with one.

The Traid 's Miracle Station

On 2003 The Miracle Station was born. Earl Harrison and his wife Shelia made their first broadcast on Christmas Eve 2003 and now on the air 24 hours a day.

WEOM"s programming includes contemporary gospel, southern gospel, Christian rap, choir music and Christian rock music. 

Owners of WEOM 103.1 FM

Earl and Sheila Harrsion are the proud owners of WEOM 103.1 FM